1915 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Autographed Limited Edition Bundle

1915 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Autographed Limited Edition Bundle

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Personally Autographed and Numbered - Limited Pressing of 100 Copies

Bundle Includes Digipack CD and 11" x 17" Collectable Poster

Serj Tankian's first full feature length film score the 1915 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is set for release on April 22, 2016. The film '1915' was originally released theatrically in April of 2015. This soundtrack is being released around not only the anniversary of the film's initial release, but also the anniversary of annual commemoration and recognition of the film's subject matter; The Armenian Genocide that occurred during WWI.

Serj has explained that he first wrote themes based on the film's script “to figure out what the emotional centerpiece of it is and then extrapolate the sub-themes and build other themes.” The score was composed in Serj's studio in Los Angeles, frame-by-frame and scene-by-scene while working closely with the film directors, Garin Hovannisian and Alec Mouhibian.

In addition to the compositions that made it into the film, the 1915 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack includes 4 bonus tracks, including a track titled '100 Years', that Serj co-composed with New Zealand composer John Psathas. A video for 100 Years' was released in April of 2015 to commemorate the centennial of the Genocide that affected Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians. Elements of the composition were used in various portions of the 1915 film score, so when producing the soundtrack, Serj determined that it would be fitting to add 100 Years in its entirety into the album sequence.



Track Listing
  1. Ari Im Sokhag with Guitar (Bonus)
  2. Tonight On This Stage / Opening Theme (Extended)
  3. Everything Ends Tonight
  4. Angela In Character Plus Fable
  5. We Finally Go Back To 1915 (Extended)
  6. Ghosts In Simon's Head
  7. The Play Is Coming To Life
  8. Falling In Love With The Enemy's Wife
  9. Angela's Dreams (Alternative)
  10. Who Are You? / Erica's Reveal
  11. Angela's Dreams
  12. James Leaves / Death Threat
  13. In The Wall With Angela (Bonus)
  14. Are You Ready? / Flashback
  15. The Theatre Opens
  16. Angela's Decision / Gabriel Confronts James
  17. James Discovers Simon's Secret
  18. Angela Is Already In 1915
  19. James Becomes The Turk
  20. Descendants Of Those Who Survived 1915
  21. Ari Im Sokhag
  22. 1915 Theme End Credits (Extended)
  23. 100 Years (Bonus)

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