Elect The Dead Symphony CD/DVD - Autographed

Elect The Dead Symphony CD/DVD - Autographed

$ 29.99

Elect The Dead Symphony is the first live album by System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian. It features the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra along with Tankian performing orchestral versions of his songs from his solo debut Elect The Dead. Orchestral arrangements were by John Psathas.

Recorded at the Auckland Town Hall in New Zealand and released on March 9, 2010. This release features both the audio CD and DVD of the live performance and is autographed by Serj Tankian.

Track Listing

  1. Feed Us
  2. Blue
  3. Sky Is Over
  4. Lie Lie Lie
  5. Money
  6. Baby
  7. Gate 21
  8. The Charade
  9. Honking Antelope
  10. Saving Us
  11. Elect The Dead
  12. Falling Stars
  13. Beethoven's C***
  14. Empty Walls