Imperfect Harmonies CD

Imperfect Harmonies CD

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Imperfect Harmonies is the second studio album by Serj Tankian.  The album was released on September 21, 2010 through Reprise Records and Serjical Strike Records.

Excerpt of AllMusic Review:

When Serj Tankian released Elect the Dead Symphony (the live orchestral version of his debut solo effort), he shifted his already nearly unclassifiable post-System of a Down musical vision to entirely new terrain. His prog rock leanings already clearly displayed, he also embraced everything from romantic and 20th century classical and opera to Armenian traditional music and even electronic music, while retaining rock’s aesthetic dynamics. On Imperfect Harmonies, he utilizes the sonic possibilities of orchestral music to integrate various forms into a wildly excessive near theatrical effort that never escapes his control. Imperfect Harmonies was recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, and Tankian wrote, produced, arranged, sang, and performed the vast majority of the album with help from select guests.

Track Listing:

  1. Disowned Inc.
  2. Borders Are...
  3. Deserving?
  4. Beatus
  5. Reconstructive Demonstrations
  6. Electron
  7. Gate 21
  8. Yes, It's Genocide
  9. Peace Be Revenged
  10. Left Of Center
  11. Wings Of Summer