Serart Vinyl - Autographed

Serart Vinyl - Autographed

$ 29.99

One regular weight 140g black vinyl disc in single-pocket jacket featuring Serj Tankian's autograph on the front cover of the sleeve.

When musical worlds collide, a new sphere of rich sound is born. Such is the case of Serart, a collaboration between Arto Tuncboyaciyan and Serj Tankian. An eclectic array of textured tracks, Serart mixes Middle Eastern melodies with Pan-African rhythms while shifting from classical motifs to bursts of percussion. Nothing is predictable as a sense of discovery pervades every element of the album.

Side A

01 Intro
02 Cinema
03 Devil's Wedding
04 The Walking Xperiment
05 Black Melon
06 Metal Shock
07 Save The Blonde
08 Love Is The Peace

Side B

01 Leave Melody Counting Fear
02 Gee-Tar
03 Claustrophobia
04 Narina
05 Zumba
06 Facing The Plastic
07 If You Can Catch Me
08 I Don't Want To Go Back Empty Handed