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Soundtrack for 'Furious - The Legend of Kolovrat' Now Available

You can now listen to the full film soundtrack for “Furious - The Legend of Kolovrat” on iTunes or your favorite streaming platform. You’ll get it all with this soundtrack, a full orchestra with epic percussion, a huge choir, ethnic instruments and a wall of electric guitars. Not to mention the song “A Fine Morning To Die” featuring vocals from Serj and Katya from the band IOWA.
Check it out via the links below:
Full tracklist below:

1. Intro
2. Ambush
3. Horde Patrol
4. The Prince
5. The Family
6. Nastya
7. The Horde Is Here
8. Into The Wilderness
9. Mongolian Camp
10. Warn Our People
11. To Arms!
12. Fedor’s Last Stand
13. You Should Prey
14. Ryazan Is Gone
15. Nastya’s Whistle
16. The Horde Returns
17. Herb Potion
18. Holy Mother
19. There’s No Blood
20. Woodland Spirits
21. Confusion
22. Uragsha
23. Bear Attack
24. The Children
25. Are They Really Ours?
26. Prepare For Battle
27. Battle Cry
28. Hold The Line
29. Come Kill Us
30. Sail
31. Death of Kolovrat
32. Shoulder to Shoulder
33. Kolovrat Theme