Cool Gardens

Serj Tankian’s debut literary work, this collection of poems was originally self-published before it was picked up MTV Books and Simon & Schuster in 2002. The collection of prose style poems comprise of seven to eight years of Tankian's reflections on life.
Non-traditional in his approach, Tankian's poetic style is willfully eclectic. Sometimes introspective, sometimes direct and cutting, these poems deal with subjects as wide-ranging as euthanasia and the nature of time itself. Cool Gardens engages the reader in the same multi-faceted approach as his music does to the listener.
Featuring original artwork created by Sako Shahinian, a young Los Angeles-based artist, Cool Gardens is honest, heartfelt, and humorous — a talented artist at his uncompromising best.
Cool Gardens Photo Gallery
Serj Tankian reading "Misunderstood Rose"

Serj Tankian reading "I'm Erica" and "Circus Tiger"


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