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Serj Tankian’s debut literary work, this collection of poems was originally self-published before it was picked up MTV Books and Simon & Schuster in 2002. The collection of prose style poems comprise of seven to eight years of Tankian's reflections on life.Non-traditional in his approach, Tankian's poetic style is willfully eclectic. Sometimes introspective, sometimes direct and cutting, these poems deal with subjects as wide-ranging as euthanasia and the nature of time itself. Cool Gardens engages the reader in the same multi-faceted approach as his music does to the listener.Featuring original artwork created by Sako Shahinian, a young Los Angeles-based artist, Cool Gardens is honest, heartfelt, and humorous — a talented artist at his uncompromising best.

In 2020, Tankian released Cool Gardens Audiobook version, narrated by the author, himself.

In 2021, Cool Gardens Poetry Suite was released, drawing listeners in with a foundation of alluring soundscapes joined with Tankian reciting poems from his book. A series of four short experimental films were premiered in the summer of 2021, with artwork and animation by collaborator D.S. Bradford.

Cool Gardens Audiobook

Released August 17, 2020

Narrated by Serj Tankian

Cool Gardens Poetry Suite

Serj Tankian recites his poems from Cool Gardens accompanied by vast and colorful soundscapes, also composed by Tankian.

Short Experimental Film Series

Cool Gardens Poetry Suite

Words & Music by Serj Tankian

Art & Animation by D.S. Bradford

'Cool Gardens' Photo Gallery

'Cool Gardens' Videos