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A.F. Day

Released May 17, 2024

Deconstruction (Serj Tankian, Tony Iommi, Cesar Gueikian)

Released December 8, 2023

Amber (feat. Sevak Amroyan)

Released June 8, 2022

Disarming Time: A Modern Piano Concerto (Single)

Released June 18, 2021

Artsakh (Single)

Released May 5, 2016

Hayastane (Single)

April 25, 2020

Industrialized Overload (Single)

Released December 20, 2017

Fears (Single)

Released January 28, 2009

Aurora's Dream (Single

Released May 13, 2016

The Charade (Single)

Released February 15, 2010

Bird's Eye (Single)

Released April 1, 2010

Lie Lie Lie (Live From MySpace's The List)

Released July 1, 2008