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Review Of Elect The Dead From Allmusic.com

Thom Jurek of allmusic.com reviews Elect The Dead and gives it 4 of 5 stars and makes it an 'album pick' for the influential website. Review:So, the inevitable finally happened. Those who have followed the life of System of a Down and its lead vocalist and lyricist Serj Tankian have wondered for years when he would finally issue his debut offering. Tankian, whose political and aesthetic activity keep him wildly busy, has become an identity that cannot be contained by the trappings of a band.  System's 2005 two-part offering Mezmerize/Hypnotize, produced by Rick Rubin, was a creative high point and perhaps a pinnacle for a band whose individual members had different directions they needed to explore outside that collective. These guys did it right; they came...

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