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"I mean every word that I say, every lyric that I sing, every noise that I make": Meet the real Serj Tankian

By Luke Morton | Kerrang! Foam soundproofing covers the walls. Shelves are filled with various wires and open tech boxes. A framed gold-certification plaque for the Scream 3 soundtrack hangs on the wall. This is Serj Tankian’s Los Angeles studio, where we join the political polymath on a wintry Wednesday morning. He’s all smiles, sporting the regiment lockdown uniform of a T-shirt/hoodie combo and his freshly groomed trademark beard. To millions of people, he’s System Of A Down’s Molotov-mouthed ringleader, yelping about seeds and terracotta. But this is just one dimension to the Serj Tankian multiverse. Today, perched on a swivel office chair, we find a man who exists not just as a vocalist, but also as a painter, an activist,...

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Q&A: Serj Tankian Talks His New Electronic Project And How ‘Normal’ Is ‘Extinction’

By Steve Baltin | SPIN Serj Tankian, 52, is across the world during the pandemic, currently residing in New Zealand. But he is very conscious of all going on in the States, having lost an 86-year-old uncle in New York to COVID-19 and having his parents grounded in the States still while he is so far away. The multi-hyphenate singer/composer/painter/activist has a lot to say about the U.S. pandemic response, as well as his always-prolific artistic output, including a new collaboration, Fuktronic, with his friend, Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence. A significant departure for both frontmen, the collection melds electronic beats with dialogue “from a made-up British gangster film.” Read full article: Q&A: Serj Tankian Talks His New Electronic Project...

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By Greg Kennelty | Metal Injection System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian and Mindless Self Indulgence vocalist James "Jimmy Urine" Euringer have been working on a film called Fuktronic for years now. While the film has still yet to see the light of day, both Tankian and Urine have released the soundtrack-meets-kinda-audiobook version of the flick below. Read full article: SYSTEM OF A DOWN & MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE Vocalists Launch FUKTRONIC

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