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Armenian parliament holds hearings on GMO products, Serj Tankian called to stay away from Monsanto Video


YEREVAN. – The Armenian parliament is holding hearings on “Genetically Modified Organisms, Alternatives or Compulsion” during the session on Friday.

The hearing was initiated by the standing committee on territorial management, local self-government, agriculture and environment.

The legislation concerning GMO foodstuffs was initiated in 2013, but had no continuation. Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan told Armenian that GMO seed production company Monsanto has assured that it is not importing GMO seeds, and those seed had not been found in the customs offices.

The stir about the import of GMO seeds to Armenia was caused when it became clear that Monsanto Company entered the Armenian market. Concerns that it may be dangerous for the Armenian population were expressed. Famous musician Serj Tankian also called to stay away from Monsanto products.

The U.S. Embassy commented on Armenian inquiry, saying that its’ up to the farmers and agribusinesses to decide whether to use or not to use the products and services of Monsanto.