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Exclusive ‘I Am Not Alone’ Trailer Reveals the Unbelievable True Story


One of my favorite films at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival was director Garin Hovannisian’s I Am Not Alone. The documentary chronicles the 2018 Armenian revolution which unbelievably started with one man, Nikol Pashinyan, leading a two-week march across the country that ended in the main cities central square. Along the way, Pashinyan was broadcasting live on Facebook and trying to build an organic groundswell of support to show that overthrowing the Prime Minister, Serzh Sargsyan, was possible and they could do it without firing a single bullet. While the original plan didn’t work the way everyone intended, the documentary captures what happened as things took a turn in their favor as the group started using a new idea–decentralized civil disobedience–to try and cause a change in their country. If Hollywood released a movie using the events that actually happened in I Am Not Alone, the audience would say the story is too unbelievable to ever actually happen. But it did, and the story absolutely should be seen to remind every single person what is possible when everyone bands together for a common goal. I Am Not Alone was produced by System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian and filmmaker Joe Berlinger.

With the film being released theatrically in LA on April 10th and in NY on April 17th, which is timed to the 2-year anniversary of the velvet revolution on April 23rd as well as the Armenian genocide remembrance day on April 24th, we’re happy to premiere the brand new trailer below. While you have a lot of choices on what to watch, I strongly recommend checking this film when you get the chance.

Here’s the official synopsis for I Am Not Alone:

Here’s the official synopsis for I Am Not Alone:On Easter 2018, a man put on a backpack and went live on Facebook to announce that he was beginning a walk across Armenia. His mission: to inspire a velvet revolution — and topple the corrupt regime that enjoys absolute power in his post-soviet nation. With total access to all key players, I AM NOT ALONE tells the miraculous true story of what happens in the next 40 days.

Garin Hovannisian’s gripping documentary deftly follows the efforts led by journalist, politician, and activist Nikol Pashinyan to prevent the election of the country’s president, Serzh Sargsyan, as the new prime minister — a move that would essentially put Sargsyan in control of Armenia for life, making him a de facto dictator.

The movement begins hopelessly, with Nikol and just a handful of supporters — including a stray dog — setting out on a 14-day march from one side of the country to the capital Yerevan. As they clash against the regime, there are many moments when their efforts seem doomed to fail, like every democratic movement in Armenia before them. But this time something is different. Step by step, the marchers begin to capture the hearts and minds of the Armenian public. Within a few weeks, the country erupts in a spectacular revolution, as millions of citizens take to the streets, disperse across their neighborhoods, and stage some of the most creative, powerful, and surprising acts of civil disobedience in modern history.  This incredible political drama presents an emotional and inspiring roadmap for how a true democratic movement can achieve profound change against all odds. It is packed with rich and memorable characters, plot twists, and a true hero’s journey