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Serj's journey into the world of fine art began with his Disarming Time Musical Paintings in 2013. 
He creates a uniquely audible and visual experience with each of his artworks. Each piece is accompanied by a musical score that has been composed by Serj that is as integral to his artistic expression as the paint on the canvas.
In his own words, he claims, "The urge came to me in the discovery that music has become so temporal and devalued in the world today, so I wanted to create an exclusive experience...something unique for someone to hold so they become the only person to experience this. I'm aiming to have people SEE the music and HEAR the art. Using a modern app, we're able to take Kandinsky's Synesthesia to a whole new level."

The embedded music is currently unlocked and accessed via Arloopa, a free mobile application for iOS and Android devices that utilizes optical recognition technology to identify his works and allow those looking at his artwork to listen to each painting's corresponding musical score. Tankian's vision to utilize smartphone technology back in 2013 with his very own Eye For Sound app as the conduit to unlock the intertwined relationship of music and art was the first of its kind.

That was the same year his journey into the world of fine art began with his Disarming Time Musical Paintings. Since then, he has had multiple exhibitions at galleries in both the United States and New Zealand, including the grand opening of New Museum Los Gatos in Northern California, in an exhibit that ran through September of 2015. Tankian's first exhibit in New Zealand came during the Auckland White Nights Art Festival in March of 2015 with a group exhibit of Eye For Sound artists held at Wynyard Quarter Silo 6.

To date, he has created over 50 pieces of art, with most of them being paintings, while a few are sculptural works.

2019 has so far seen Tankian exhibiting works at 2 notable galleries in New Zealand, with shows held at The Vivian and Boyd-Dunlop Gallery that ran from February through March.

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Violent Violins HPM - $500

Grieving Banner Lithograph - $99.99

Disarming Time Giclée - $1200

Space Clock Canvas Reproduction - $450

Clock Crucifixion Hand Painted Artist Proof - $600

Clock Crucifixion Hand Painted Multiple - $500

Violent Violins Lithograph - $120