Furious - Legend of Kolovrat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Furious—The Legend Of Kolovrat is a Russian historical fantasy film set in the 13thCentury directed by Ivan Shurkhovetskly about the Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat—the leader of a seventeen-man squad who defend against thousands of Mongol warrior hordes and their leader Batu Khan.

Tankian incorporates sweeping sounds of a large orchestral ensemble, bombastic percussion, soaring choir, traditional folk instrumentation and attacking metal guitars to match the action packed tone of the film.

Says Tankian: "I'm a huge fan of historical action films, so I welcomed the opportunity to create my first epic score for "Furious." We used a full orchestra with epic percussion, a huge choir, ethnic instruments and a wall of electric guitars. It's truly a kick-ass score." 

A video for the track “A Fine Moment to Die” from Furiousfeaturing vocal performances by Tankian and female vocalist Katya Ivanchikova has already become a viral hit with over 740k views.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Ambush
  3. Horde Patrol
  4. The Prince
  5. The Family
  6. Nastya
  7. The Horde Is Here
  8. Into The Wilderness
  9. Mongolian Camp
  10. Warn Our People
  11. To Arms!
  12. Fedor's Last Stand
  13. You Should Prey
  14. Ryazan Is Gone
  15. Nastya's Whistle
  16. The Horde Returns
  17. Herb Potion
  18. Holy Mother
  19. There's No Blood
  20. Woodland Spirits
  21. Confusion
  22. Uragsha
  23. Bear Attack
  24. The Children
  25. Are They Really Ours?
  26. Prepare For Battle
  27. Battle Cry
  28. Hold The Line
  29. Come Kill Us
  30. Sail
  31. Death of Kolovrat
  32. Shoulder to Shoulder
  33. Kolovrat Theme

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