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Released September 17, 2021

I Am Not Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Serjical Strike Records

Track List

1. Intro

2. March Has Begun

3. Early History

4. New History

5. After Release

6. Stand With Us

7. Beside Us

8. Step To Make

9. Storming The Station

10. Just Games

11. Operation Failed

12. Front Of Bus

13. A Lot Will Change

14. Baghramian

15. Explosion

16. Breakthrough

17. Republic Square

18. Completely Different

19. Violent Forces

20. The Meeting

21. Arrested

22. Women Of The Revolution

23. Nikol In Prison

24. Noise Of Pans

25. April 24

26. Resignation

27. Paying Tribute

28. Victory

29. Big Office

30. My Step (English)

Tankian’s composing chops are on full display throughout the 30 songs that comprise the soundtrack for I Am Not Alone, the award-winning documentary film by Garin Hovannisian that chronicles the peaceful velvet revolution in 2018 in Serj’s cultural homeland of Armenia. The music weaves through arrangements of orchestral ensembles, acoustic piano along with synthesized keys and soundscapes, touching upon all the ups and downs, moments of defeat, triumph, tension and elation that is showcased on screen. 

I Am Not Alone

Official Trailer