Intent To Destroy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Intent to Destroy directed by Academy Award nominee Joe Berlinger, is a powerful and poignant film that dissects genocide denialism. The film, which recently qualified for Oscar consideration, outlines the century old denial campaign of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government and brings it into the current age of disinformation and scare tactics.

Tankian handled the film score accordingly, infusing old and new, melancholic acoustic ethnic instruments with dissonant and unhingedambient, rhythmical, and processed instruments.  The film was released in theatres on November 10th of 2017.

Says Tankian: "Hands down one of the most powerful films I've ever seen let alone been a part of. It was a unique experience for me to be in the film and compose the music for it as well. To musically match the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide with the nefarious modern Turkish denial of the truth, I employed a hybrid of classical, ethnic and modern electronic instruments melting in the Duduk and Oud with processed ambient and arpeggiated instruments to match the story."

Track Listing

  1. Massacre (Extended Length Bonus)
  2. Answer To Denialists
  3. Turkish Generals
  4. Railway
  5. Scout Tufenkian Scene (Bonus)
  6. Death March
  7. Table Read
  8. 40 Days
  9. Turkish & Armenian Histories
  10. Opening Scene
  11. Atom Egoyan Scene
  12. Musa Dagh Climb
  13. Ataturk Treaties And Strategy
  14. Peter Balakian Scene
  15. Canon Blast
  16. Denialists
  17. River Staging
  18. Massacre
  19. Hanging Village
  20. Palace Balcony
  21. Med School
  22. End Of Production
  23. Intent To Live
  24. Turkish History Changed
  25. Hrant Dink (Extended Length Bonus)

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