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Released December 30, 2022

Madoff: The Monster Of Wall Street Soundtrack (Netflix Series)

Netflix Music, LLC

Track List

1. Madoff In Motion

2. The Convoy

3. Action

4. Action 2

5. Evidence

6. Annette 2

7. Cliffhanger 2

8. Suspencer

9. Violin Textures

10. Bright Day

11. Careful Moves

12. Classical Dance

13. Classical Dance 2

14. Complex Club

15. Creepy Typing

16. Drones 4

17. High Life Theme

18. Made

19. Men's Choir

20. Office Sounds

21. On The Move

22. Printer Escape

23. Requiem Choir 2

24. Run And Hide

25. Stock Market Crash

26. They're Coming

27. Motions - Alt

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street is a 2023 American crime documentary series based on the life of an American fraudster and financier, Bernard Lawrence Madoff (Bernie Madoff) who was the admitted mastermind of the largest multi billion-dollar global Ponzi schemein Wall Street history.

The series is directed by Joe Berlinger, produced by Radical Mediaand Third Eye Motion Picture Company, distributed by Netflix, stars Joseph Scotto, Donna Pastorello, Melony Feliciano, Cris Colicchio, Kevin Delano, Marla Freeman, Stephanie Beauchamp, Alex Olson, Sarah Kuklis, Paul Faggione, Isa Camyar, Alicia Erlinger, and Howard Schaal.

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