Elect The Dead - Colored Vinyl - Autographed - Limited Edition (PRE-ORDER)
Elect The Dead - Colored Vinyl - Autographed - Limited Edition (PRE-ORDER)

Elect The Dead - Colored Vinyl - Autographed - Limited Edition (PRE-ORDER)

$ 64.99


You asked for it, and we are bringing it! Back on vinyl for the first time in years is Serj's first solo album, the critically acclaimed fan favorite Elect The Dead.

These special collector's edition autographed 180 gram vinyl LPs of Elect The Dead are available in 2 color combinations in extremely limited quantities and feature a brand new etching on one side of the 2LP set. Signed by Serj, these collectors items sound great on wax and are sure to be a hot commodity!

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl - 2 LPs
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Brand new etching on Side D
  • Back on vinyl after many years of being out of print
  • Available in 2 color combinations (Gold/Black Mix or Silver/Black Mix)
  • Only 150 Gold/Black Mix Autographed Copies Available
  • Only 150 Silver/Black Mix Autographed Copies Available

One of the most unconventional frontmen in rock, System Of A Down singer Serj Tankian debuts as a solo artist with Elect The Dead. SOAD’s genrebending albums sold 16 million copies but went on hiatus in 2006. So Tankian retreated to his L.A. home studio to write and produce Elect The Dead. Neither a mellow excursion into world music or the frantic war-cry of SOAD, the rockin’ Elect The Dead showcases his inimitable vocals and incisive lyrics. Multi-faceted and multi-layered, Elect The Dead is both thought provoking and from the heart.


Side A

  1. Empty Walls
  2. The Unthinking Majority
  3. Money
  4. Feed Us

Side B

  1. Saving Us
  2. Sky Is Over
  3. Baby
  4. Honking Antelope

Side C

  1. Lie Lie Lie
  2. Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
  3. Beethoven's C***
  4. Elect The Dead

Side D

  • Brand New Etching Design