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Serj Tankian Brings Music + Art Together for Disarming Time Paintings

From Loudwire

System of a Down vocalist and solo musician Serj Tankian is proving to be a true artist in every sense of the word, consistently looking for new ways in which he can express his music, and he’s found something truly unique in a new project he’s calling disarming time musical paintings.

In the video above, Tankian describes the process in which he creates pieces of artwork based around his music and goes so far as to embed speakers and MP3 players within the artwork itself.

“This is really exciting for me cause I never painted in my life before,” says Tankian. “The urge came to me in the discovery that music has become so temporal and devalued in the world today, even though we love music, anyone watching this and myself inclusive.”

Tankian says that it was his goal with the disarming time paintings to create “an exclusive experience.” He added, “I wanted to create something unique for someone to hold and they’re the only person that gets to experience that.”

In the video, Tankian uses the piano-based piece ‘Notes in Water’ and then shows how he used clocks to represent the music within the painting. Check out Tankian’s artistic process below.