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Released August 6, 2021

Cinematique Series: Violent Violins

Serjical Strike Records

Track List

1. Rasputin

2. Waiting For the Submarine

3. Cyber Criminal

4. Love At the Border

5. Grieving Banner

6. Spitfire Bombs

7. Prelude To A Diss

8. Minor Jazz

9. Discovery Of Self

10. Pretty Cinematique Of You

11. Cinema Piano

12. Play Her Piano

13. Stringolopous Choir

Cinematique Series: Violent Violins is 1 of 2 collections of cinematically inspired instrumental music that Serj released in August of 2021. The Violent Violins collection is a grouping of 13 tracks that find Tankian coalescing traditional cinematic compositions with a more modern approach, incorporating moody synthesizers and distorted electronica into the mix. Writing sessions for Cinematique Series: Violent Violinsand its complementary collection Cinematique Series: Illuminatespan over multiple years, and as the titles amassed, the idea to craft them into their respective collections were born. 

Some of these compositions have been used in various film scores while others were previously unreleased. The two collections that make up the Cinematique Series are comprised of compositions curated as records from light to dark, classical to modern, transcendent to dissonant.