Elect The Dead Symphony

 Serj Tankian’s first live CD/DVD that features a full orchestral performance of his critically-acclaimed debut solo rock album Elect The Dead. With The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at his side, Tankian’s epic songs and operatic vocals take on a whole new sense of grandeur when accompanied with a full 70 piece orchestra. This unique meshing of two very different worlds of music was a vision Tankian has long wanted to make a reality.

“I’m elated to have the opportunity to arrange my songs from Elect the Dead for a full orchestra with the APO,” says Tankian. “The arrangements will be quite different than those on the record including bonus tracks never played live...”
The show also features two previously unreleased tracks in “Gate 21” and “The Charade”. Both tracks are included on all release formats (CD/DVD, CD, and Vinyl). the Elect The Dead Symphony was released on March, 9, 2010.
Prominent New Zealand press outlet Stuff reviewed the show and had this to say: “It might seem a strange mix on paper, but - over five System of a Down albums and one of his own, 2007’s Elect the Dead - Tankian’s booming voice has become an instrument of its own. His operative howls give focus to the frenetic metal riffs that usually accompany his voice. But, when paired with the intricate melodies and stunning musicianship of the APO, Tankian’s vocal range stood out even more... When Tankian and the APO received a standing ovation, they deserved every second of it.”
The performance took place on March 16, 2009 at the majestic Auckland Town Hall in the center of the country’s capital. This historic venue produced a gorgeous backdrop for the 6 camera HD shoot of the Elect The Dead Symphony as the DVD’s sweeping edits showcase the drama of the performance. Also included in the DVD is rare and intimate backstage footage as well as one on one interviews with Tankian and various members of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.
Track Listing:
  1. Feed Us
  2. Blue
  3. Sky Is Over
  4. Lie Lie Lie
  5. Money
  6. Baby
  7. Gate 21
  8. The Charade
  9. Honking Antelope
  10. Saving Us
  11. Elect The Dead
  12. Falling Stars
  13. Beethoven's C***
  14. Empty Walls 
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