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Serj Tankian Talks Politics and Finds the Art of "Imperfection" With Huffington Post

By Jon Chattman Some band frontmen use their hiatus to shack up in a some faraway villa and take a full-on sabbatical from the studio. Then there's people like Serj Takian, who uses the extended time to feed his creative juices in the form of solo work. The frontman of System of a Down releases Imperfect Harmonies today -- the second solo album since the band took its hiatus some four-plus years ago, and he's quite please with the end result. "It fuses electronic beats and sounds with a full legato orchestra," he explained. The new album, like his previous effort, Elect the Dead, is also filled with his signature political rage, as well as angst, hope, and everything else in between. And it...

Continue reading → Interviews Serj About 'Imperfect Harmonies' Article by Gary Graff: Serj Tankian "wanted to achieve a whole different sound" on his third solo album, "Imperfect Harmonies," mixing rock, electronic, orchestral and jazz elements into its 11 songs. "I made rock records for so many years, with System of a Down and [2007 solo debut] 'Elect the Dead,' and I wanted to create something different for myself," Tankian tells " 'Elect the Dead' was more of a straight rock record, done layer by layer. On ['Imperfect Harmonies'] I threw everything at the wall and then started taking things out, which is the first time I've done that. It created a whole different sound for me. It was a good departure." And yet, Tankian acknowledges, "Imperfect Harmonies" still...

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Review Of Elect The Dead From

Thom Jurek of reviews Elect The Dead and gives it 4 of 5 stars and makes it an 'album pick' for the influential website. Review:So, the inevitable finally happened. Those who have followed the life of System of a Down and its lead vocalist and lyricist Serj Tankian have wondered for years when he would finally issue his debut offering. Tankian, whose political and aesthetic activity keep him wildly busy, has become an identity that cannot be contained by the trappings of a band.  System's 2005 two-part offering Mezmerize/Hypnotize, produced by Rick Rubin, was a creative high point and perhaps a pinnacle for a band whose individual members had different directions they needed to explore outside that collective. These guys did it right; they...

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NY Rock Interviews Serj About Serart

Interview with Serj Tankian by Talia Soghomonian for NY Rock Magazine Read Full Interview HERE Calm and mellow, Serj Tankian seems like he could easily write "The Rock Star's Guide to Zen." His music, however, is where the emotions soar – "a violin in a storm," as he described to me years ago. Sounds range from the angry metal howls of his group, System of a Down, to the round-the-world musical odyssey of his side project, Serart. Arto Tuncboyaciyan, an Armenian avant-garde multi-instrumentalist, makes up the other half of Serart. Arto has worked with the likes of Chat Baker and Al Di Meola, and fronts the Armenian Navy Band.

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