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Serj's Guest Blog On Huffington Post

On 7/18/2012, Huffington Post published a guest blog titled "Reset Time" by Serj Tankian addressing the freak occurrences of mass deaths of wildlife around the world. Read The Full Blog On Huffington Post RESET TIME To add to the catastrophic numbers of mass deaths of birds and fish in 2011, recently over 500 penguins washed up on the Brazilian coast. Their death is presumed to be due to a combination of starvation, environmental pollution, and climate change. We still have not been able to reasonably ascertain an integral scientific reasoning behind the massive deaths of birds and fish happening around the world, except with the word 'Harakiri.' That is what I decided to call my song and record in discussing these events. The possibility...

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Serj Tankian Talks Politics and Finds the Art of "Imperfection" With Huffington Post

By Jon Chattman Some band frontmen use their hiatus to shack up in a some faraway villa and take a full-on sabbatical from the studio. Then there's people like Serj Takian, who uses the extended time to feed his creative juices in the form of solo work. The frontman of System of a Down releases Imperfect Harmonies today -- the second solo album since the band took its hiatus some four-plus years ago, and he's quite please with the end result. "It fuses electronic beats and sounds with a full legato orchestra," he explained. The new album, like his previous effort, Elect the Dead, is also filled with his signature political rage, as well as angst, hope, and everything else in between. And it...

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